Best-selling Products

High quality materials coating to allow non-stick layer of the pan are crafted onto our pans with exclusive designs. Our products are just perfect for everyday cooking with no worries of scratches on the inside or the outside.

Our products are of many varieties with different coatings and designs ranging from ceramic to marble coating.


Anypan Sandwich Maker

* 5 Layers Ceramic Coating
* Double Fry Pan with Induction Base
* No Leakage
* Takes Only 2-3 mins to make  a  Sandwich
* 100% Even Heat Transmission during Cooking (No More Burnt Sandwich)


Smart Whirpool Pot with vacuum glass lid

* SPP Iron Code No. JIS G3133(1998) decarbonizing powerfulness
* Coating Enameled Ironware
* Non-Stick
* Can use steel wool (no scratch)
* The lid is made of Tempered Glass

Cilipes Fry Pan

* Coating lasts for 3 years
* Unique Fry Pan Shape for Easier Frying
* 5 Layer Non-Stick
* Made of Fluorin, Ceramic, Titanium

cilipes wokpan.png

Korean Traditional Pot

* 5 Layer Nano-Ceramic Coating
* Made of Jade Powder, Charcoal Powder, Yellow Soil
* 100% Non-Stick with Induction Base
* 24 / 28cm Pot
* No Leakage
* No water/oil needed for cooking

korean traditional pot.jpg

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