THis snail set provides multiple care for your skin and since our products are all made of natural ingredients only, it could also be applied on sensitive skin. It also contains toner, emulsion, eye cream and sleeping pack for travel use.


Benefits of Toner, 130ml & 30g:

* Vitality Energy

* Skin Protection Film Boosting

* Resilience Enhancement


Benefits of Emulsion, 130ml & 30g:

* Intense Hydration

* Radiant Skin

* Deep Nourishment

* Skin Texture Improvement


Benefits of Eye Cream, 30g & 10g:

* Skin Moisture

* Skin Resilience

* Skin Nutrition

* Shiny Skin Texture


Benefits of Sleeping Pack, 10g:

* Whitening

* Anti-wrinkle

DEOPROCE Snail Galac-tox Revital Skin Care Program, 7 pcs

$138.00 Regular Price
$130.00Sale Price
  • Toner & Emulsion (130ml X 2), Eye Cream (30g), Travel use Toner & Emulsion (30g X 2), Travel use Eye Cream & Sleeping Pack (10g X 2)